Mains HCS syllabus

The HPSC Mains is the most important part of HCS examination as the marks secured in Mains will decide the candidate’s rank on the final merit list. It has total of five papers within which there are two optional subjects. Among 20 subjects, a candidate can choose two subjects as optional. The other three papers are of – English (Essay included), Hindi (Essay included) and General studies. Each paper carries 100 marks except Paper- IV & V which carry 150 marks each, means the Mains exam will be of 600 marks. The papers are:

1. English & English essay: 

 It is the subject of Paper-I. This paper carries100 marks. The main objective of including this paper in HPSC Mains is totest the potentiality of reading and expressing English prose comprehensively and accurately in English. The pattern of this topicis as follows –

English: The English syllabus includes precise writing, Passage comprehension, usage of vocabulary, general grammar, compositions.

English Essay: A specific topic will be given and candidates need to write an essay on that within the prescribed word limit. On the basis of their writing expression and effectiveness, they will get their credits. All candidates are advised to attach with the topic closely and arrange their
ideas beautifully.

Hindi & Hindi Essay: InPaper-II, Hindi and Hindi essay is the subject. They need to write an essay in Devnagari Script on the given topic. This paper carries 100 marks in total. The syllabus included in Paper-II is as follows.

  • Translation of English passages in Hindi (Devnagari).
  • Precise writing/ Letter writing.
  • Explanation of Hindi prose and poems in Hindi language.
  • Idioms composition and corrections.
  • Essay writing on a given topic

General Studies: Itis the Paper-III and it also carries 100 marks. It is that type of subject which can be answered without any specialized study. It is for general awareness studies to build a career in Civil Services. It has two parts that should be attempted within the given time as they both are mandatory. They are discussed below:


  1. Modern Indian history and Indian culture: The modern history covers the time from the nineteenth-century till now. This includes personalities of freedom fighters, social reform questions, Indian culture questions etc.
  2. Indian geography: In this part, applicants will be asked about Physical, Social and Economical geography.
  3. Indian polity: Indian political stuff like the Indian constitution, the political system of India related questions will be asked in this part.
  4. Present national issue & social relevance: Democracy & Human resource issues, human rights, corruption, ecological preservation, national heritage, adult literacy and such related topics are included in this part.


  1. India and World: This topic deals with the relationship between India and the World in spheres like Foreign affairs, Internal- external security and so on. Candidates will be asked about their knowledge of this topic.
  2. The Economy of India: This topic is of economic development of India, foreign trades, WTO, trade issues etc.
  3. International affairs: In this topic, there will be questions related to the world’s current affairs and also about international institutions.
  4. Development in Science related fields: This part deals with the development of science and technology, space, telecommunications and also basic computers. Students will be asked on these topics.
  5. Statistics: These topics include statistical, diagrammatical, graphical problems and such related stuff. Candidates will be tested on these topics.

Optional Subject-1 & 2: The other two subjects in Mains are needed to be chosen by the candidates themselves from these 20 subjects, as the optional ones. The available subjects are mentioned below.

  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Botany
  • Political science & international relations
  • Law
  • Chemistry
  • Zoology
  • Physics
  • Agriculture
  • Psychology
  • Animal husbandry & Veterinary science
  • Commerce & Accountancy
  • Punjabi literature
  • Public administration
  • Civil engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Geography
  • Sociology
  • Indian history
Personality Test: The personality test is the last test that will be taken for the HPSC HCS post by
the conducting authorities. It is 75 marks. Those candidates who will qualify the
prelims and mains by obtaining cut-off marks or more, they will get a call for the personal test or you can say personal interview. The interview will be done in HPSC premises in Panchkula. The candidates will be selected for the personality test in a number of three times more than total vacant posts. Who will qualify this test, will be offered those job posts. There is no specified syllabus for Personality test prescribed by the Haryana PSC authorities. Moreover, the questions will be from the candidate’s DAF (Detailed Application Form) and current affairs majorly.