“Smart Hardwork is the key to success” – we at
Tagore pledge our mission to civil services aspirants
and understand the value of time invested in by them. Our
motto is smart hard work so that the students, in a limited
time frame, can sharpen their concepts and turn out a
knowledge powerhouses with their dedication and our
smart study techniques

“Smart course management and self-evaluation”
-we are well aware that with the changing patterns of
study in this new age, we want our students to adapt and
be abreast with the latest developments in smart study
techniques. Our team at Tagore would enable students to
incorporate these strategies and understand the value of
self-evaluation, so that our students can rise up and
above, and face any competitive examination.



For us the student teacher interface is of prime importance and as such our faculty wants to be seen beyond just conventional teachers and more as mentors for our students. Mentors apply the age old chalk and talk method as it involves more clarity in teaching and opens an avenue for more participation and discussion between the mentors and students.


Civil and judicial services coaching involves a wide variety of complex concepts which have to be understood from the perspective of building upon such concepts and as such our faculty believes in breaking down such concepts into easy comprehensible matter with real time examples , so that the students get a clearer picture of the concepts and are able to relate to it with the help of examples.


It is a known fact that students of diverse educational backgrounds come forward for giving the civil services exam and as such diversity adds to the benefit of the student as they can learn from each others particular field of study and as such our faculty member do recognize and endorse discussion among students so that such diversity indeed becomes unity in learning.