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Judicial Services aspirants must be aware of the truth that they appear each year for a competitive exam and not for becoming subject matter experts. The Depth of the subject matters. along with corelation between the various acts.
We believe in building a strong base for every student so that they can grow on it and attempt Judicial Service exams along with a small schedule to cover the subjects with a smart approach. We would mould aspirants to put in hardwork the smart way and counter their fears.


Our faculty has given success stories, yet we very well understand that a competitive exam is an examination of rejection and not selection, we don't endorse a methodology of teaching where a student has to change himself to crack these exams. We want to student to develop a fundamental principle that during this period of study there is immense Legal knowledge to be Gained that opens up more avenues .


Our faculty members believe every student is unique and need not change themselves to crack judicial services exam.

For us every candidate is a prospective judge in the making and its our job to hone your skills with 360 personality development to have an unbiased thinking and a practical approach to application of laws in the current scenario, which we do by giving practical real time case laws, in-class question - answer writing and interview coaching.

If you are fun loving, Jovial, just be the way you are and handover your 9 months to us.

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How do you Benefit - Key to your Success

  • Complete Exposure to day to day legal news and essay writing.
  • Smart case law analysis
  • Pattern study of previous year Judicial Services exams.
  • Smart schedule management.
  • Real time cases created by our faculty and point based approach to break down issues and give applicable laws on them.
  • Undertaking legal correlation.
  • Smart interview Training.
  • Question - answer writing on concepts related to laws for better understanding and practical application of such concepts.
  • Building of basic legal fundamentals.

We are – Mentors & Not  Merely Teachers

You can crack this exam and we endorse the idea “Each one Teach one ” – which means share concepts tought in class with your fellow classmates without a mental bloc of “Hardcore Competition”

Why Us (Men in Black) :

Given our mission at Tagore, we understand the level of seriousness needed. For us this seriousness is smartness and not extreme dedication because for us once a student has a vision to  sit for judicial services exams, it is our job to assist and train you for that goal and we would mould you in this period of trust which you aspirants bestow upon us.

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