A unique aspect of the program we conduct is the thoughtfulness that goes into the preparation of the curriculum design so as to optimize the number of sessions and the time spent by the students inpreparation. This ensures that the syllabus is covered in a balanced mix of comprehensiveness and
foundation. Thereby giving the students the confidence to attack all three stages of the examsuccessfully, in the very first attempt.


  1. Strictly limited batches of 55 students
  2. Complete coverage + focus on topics with high weightage
  3. Modern methods
  4. AC classrooms with projectors
  5. Personal attention, mentoring and monitoring
  6. Regular tests on progress
  7. Easy to follow, step by step theory & concepts with notes
  8. Interactive, enthusiastic classes discussions
  9. Dedicated Study Material & Practice Tests.
  10. Competitive Environment

Foundation Course

‘The path to success is to take massive, determined actions.’ Keeping this though alive in our mind always, we at Tagore coaching center believe in taking firm actions on impartingthe best in education to candidates who seek
our assistance for cracking the Civil Services Examination.Tagore civil services house /college/school program andearly learn program is a three tier comprehensiveprogram aimed at step by step learning for the students vis-à-vis their graduation/school study.